Roald Dahls' Matilda The Musical, Cambridge Theatre London. RSC Royal Shakespeare Company. Image: A little girl (Matilda) stood with her hands on her hips looking up into the left-hand distance. She is stood in-front of a glowing blue lights, which makes her look almost like a silhouette. It is a powerful image.
More than you expect. Everything you want. Channing Tatum presents Magic Mike Live. The Theatre at the Hippodrome Casino. Over 18s only.
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The Hills of California logo image
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Bronco Billy in London.
Text: Cirque Du Soleil, Alegria: In a New Light, Royal Albert Hall. Now On Sale, Begins 11th Jan 2024. Image: Two circus women dressed in dazzling costumes stare across at each other, set against an orange and green/blue background, there are feathers falling around her and glimmers of orange light across the picture.
Shrek The Musical.

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